About Us

About Us

Born and educated in the United Kingdom, Dr. Neil Gilbert first became interested in the wonders of Antarctica when listening to a talk at Leeds University about the British Antarctic Survey (BAS).

Captivated by the concept of living and working in Antarctica, Neil applied for a research position with BAS on nearshore marine ecology.  In undertaking his research Neil spent two and half years stationed on Signy Island, in the South Orkney Islands of Antarctica.

Not put off by the harsh conditions and permanent ice covering, Neil returned to Signy Island after writing up his thesis in Cambridge, UK, and became Base Manager for Signy Base for the next four years. This involved him living there for five to six months each year.

Neil was lucky enough to then accept a role with the British Government’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, working as Deputy Head of the Polar Regions Section for six years. During this tenure, he was heavily involved in both Arctic and Antarctic policy work and started attending International Arctic and Antarctic forums on behalf of the UK.

In 2009 he was offered the role of Environmental Manager with Antarctica New Zealand in Christchurch.  Neil continued to attend Antarctic Treaty meetings, this time representing New Zealand. Between 2006 and 2010, Neil had the honour of chairing the Antarctic Treaty System’s Committee for Environmental Protection.  This Committee has responsibility for advising the Antarctic Treaty Parties on measures to protect the Antarctic environment.

Since 2014 Neil has been consulting under his own business, Constantia Consulting. He prides himself on his connections with other countries’ representatives and the partnerships he has developed over the years. He is driven to improve and enhance environmental protection measures and solutions in all his work.

Neil’s significant experience in Antarctic matters ensures Constantia Consulting is uniquely positioned to provide the very best advice and support.