Advisory Services

Constantia Consulting works worldwide with a range of individuals, government departments, agencies and organisations to assist them with a range of Antarctic needs. At the core of all these services is the need to honour and protect the fragile and remote ecosystems of Antarctica and to ensure its status as a natural reserve for peace and science is maintained.

Government agencies

Constantia Consulting works on policy development and policy research for governments around the world.

By way of example, Neil has recently reviewed the effectiveness of the environmental impact assessment processes under the Antarctic Treaty System to aid government officials in developing policy decisions. For another government, Neil has supported the development of national legislation to implement the Protocol on Environmental Protection into domestic law.

Neil supports research and teaching on Antarctic governance and environmental management and can assist with the design and implementation of technical workshops and symposia.

National Antarctic programmes

Neil is experienced in advising National Antarctic Programmes, including on practical measures to meet or exceed the various provisions of the Protocol on Environmental Protection to the Antarctic Treaty.

In addition, he can assist with the development of Antarctic-relevant health and safety management systems and designs and supports the implementation of environmental monitoring programmes.

Neil can review existing, or assist developing new, Antarctic Specially Protected or Specially Managed Area management plans.

He can also advise on the development of Antarctic oil spill prevention and response strategies, undertake non-native species risk assessments, and assist with the development of pollution prevention strategies.

Tourism operators

Tourism in Antarctica is a growing industry. That means many tour operators are looking for environmental compliance support alongside practical solutions. Neil prepares high-quality, well-researched Initial Environmental Evaluations on behalf of operators to meet national and international requirements.

He can undertake environmental and health and safety risk assessments for Antarctic activities, prepare risk management plans and advise on appropriate mitigation measures.

From the initial application procedures through to the approval processes, Neil can help a range of tourism operators from the smallest to the largest.