Antarctica - A Natural Reserve Devoted to Peace and Science

Constantia Consulting Ltd. provides specialist advice and support to Governments, national Antarctic programmes and private expeditions to help maintain the highest standards of environmental protection and scientific research in Antarctica.

For six decades, the Antarctic Treaty System has fostered international cooperation among nations active in Antarctica and promoted peaceful cooperation, with a focus on scientific research and environmental protection.

Nonetheless, Antarctica and the Southern Ocean face mounting pressures from changing climate and oceanic conditions, as well as increasing human activities (both governmental and non-governmental).

Based on several decades of experience in Antarctic matters, Constantia Consulting Ltd. aims to support effective implementation of the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty and its associated international instruments.

We pride ourselves on providing independent, high quality, evidence-based technical and policy advice to Antarctic operators and governments with an active Antarctic interest.

We are passionate about Antarctica and our extensive experience in Antarctic research, environmental protection, logistics and operations, as well as policy development and implementation means that we are ideally placed to provide the very best service to our clients.